Календарь Дружины Царское Село 2007г.

Курс Первой Помощи / CPR
Contact: Adrian Fedorowski at (845)429-4629

Поход Св. Георгия
Contact: Tatiana Geringer at (973)326-1876

6/23 - 6/29
Курсовая неделя (КДВ и КНЕ)
Contact Lazar Djurdjinovic at (201)967-7465

6/30 - 7/20
Общий Лагер
Contact: Tatiana Geringer at (973)326-1876
- Нам очень нужны силы старших ребят, руководителей, и родителей...запишитесь на список добровольцев!
Contact: Димитрий Шишков at dshishkoff@riskattribution.com

7/25 - 8/11
Паломничество в Святую Землю
Contact: Tatiana Geringer at (973)326-1876
- Дружина объявляет КОНКУРС! (Для тех кто не могут себе позволить такую поездку)
- Желающие должны соченить статю на русском языке на тему: "Паломничество на Святую Землю: Почему Это Важно Для Православного Скаута?"
- Надо ответить на вопрос: "Какое значение имеет Паломничество для нашей Дружины?"
- You must be an active scout age 16 or older
(бторой разряд; член дружины Царское Село)
- 500 words minimum; due by March 15, 2007
- Please send all responses to:
Tatiana Zacharin-Geringer
4 Puddingstone Road
Morris Plains, NJ 07950
Email: tzgeringer@yahoo.com


Sanitar Training Program

This year in camp we will be instituting a new program. Campers that are interested in gaining knowledge in first aid and medicine are encouraged to apply for admission to the Sanitar Training Program. This program will allow hands-on training with the official camp sanitar . The requirement for consideration into the program is very simple. The camper must be at least 16 years of age and at minimum be certified in CPR. Certification can be obtained through numerous outside or school programs, or by attending this years OPIOP CPR/AED/First Aid Course that will be given on March 17.

Applicants must show a high level of maturity and have an understanding of privacy guidelines. Campers in the program will have the opportunity to provide care for minor trauma and medical issues under the supervision of the official sanitar. Participants will be exposed to the daily routine of the sanitar. They will have the opportunity to learn about trauma, infectious diseases, medications, prevention and treatments. The program will run throughout the course of the camp season. Depending on the amount of interested individuals, applicants may be selected for participation for one week at a time.

This is a work in progress and some of the training opportunities may be changed or added as the program progresses.

If you are interested in the program or have any questions please feel free to contact Danya: pomracs@aol.com


OPIOP First Aid & CPR Course (March 17)

OPIOP First Aid & CPR Course:
This year OPIOP will be offering the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR/AED and First Aid training. By law, CPR needs to be refreshed on a yearly basis for counselors, not involved in emergency medicine. The First Aid certification is valid for two years. The course will be given in Spring Valley, NY at the Spring Hill Ambulance Corp. Saturday, March 17, 2007, 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Breakfast and lunch will be included.

This course is open for anyone interested, 16 years and up. For scouts, counselors, and staff spending a week in camp this summer, the course is free. The course can be used for sanitar training for vtoroye and pervoye.

Registration is mandatory to take the course. Please register by March 11, 2007.
For questions and registration contact Danya - pomracs@aol.com